Saturday, May 25, 2013

Oh my Exam!

26 May 2013..

Advanced database checked.
Technopreneurship checked! 

Two down and one more paper to go, which is Quality Management on 5th June 2013. 10 hari gap ni tak tahu lah nak merempat kat mana. Rumah cousin kot. 1st or 2nd June nak berdating dengan BFF I..haha! What I can say about my studies for this semester is, I am not performing well. Maybe because I got a lot of free time, so I tend to be so so lazy. Golek-golek atas katil je kerja. Paling kecewa dengan Advanced database la. I did really bad. For the first time in my life I feel damn stupid, like knows nothing. Tapi dah lepas pun. What passed is past. Maybe sebab kurang minat. Techno, ok lar. Puas hati. So, must work three times harder for the coming exam! 

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