Monday, May 13, 2013

Last week before final exam

Don't know why I seems so relax compared to others. Haha. Final year pun boleh honeymoon lagi kan.  Honeymoon plus lazybones. On this critical time, it is a must to write down my planning or schedule so everything can be finished on time and well organized.

Wednesday | 2PM : Company interview (QM)
Thursday | 12-2PM : FYP presentation. 3.30PM : Advance Database Project presentation.
Friday | 3-5PM : QM project presentation.

The presentation means it is a due date for the project as well. This week might be hectic but Nurawatif Mohd Fauzi always loves challenges! Will try my best to finish all the assessments! Then I'll be free..Yay!! XD And the most exciting thing is I'm invited for Sisters Farewell Dinner as a PRINCESS! Walaupun tak rapat sangat dengan mereka yang hadir, why not to join them kan. Kalau bukan sekarang, bila lagi. May this dinner creates another sweet history in my life.. =)

The cute invitation card!

Princess Awatif =p
Always positive and smiling no matter what! In Shaa Allah

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