Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kurus jangan disangka tiada lemak..

Ok, tajuk kita hari ini, doctor nak bincangkan pasal : Kurus..jangan disangka tiada lemak! Haha!
Apsal kan doctor terjun ni nak cerita pasal lemak bagai.

Bukan apa. Alkisahnya, semalam rasa terpanggil nak check up badan sendiri. Tup tup terjumpa penemuan baru iaitu STRETCH MARK! Haa, tau tak stretch tu hape? Check this out..

Haa..tapi gambar di atas bukan saya ye. Harap maklum. Credited to Mr.Google. Selalunya benda ni berlaku kepada ibu-ibu semasa atau selepas mengandung. Orang yang obesiti pun selalunya ada stretch mark ni. Bila lemak makin banyak, kulit pun jadi renggang (renggang?) lalu terwujudlah stretch mark ini. Yang hairan bin ajaibnye, orang kurus + selalu jalan kaki + makan makanan sihat seperti aku pun ada benda alah ni?? Yup, memang berat saya dah naik sejak kebelakangan ni. Takkan kulit sensitip kot.

According to Mr.Habibullah, pelajar jurusan BIOTECH UIAM, muscle dalam badan kita berfungsi untuk menghasilkan collagen. Bila dah banyak lemak yang menghalang muscle dan kulit, collagen tak dapek lo nak dihantarkan (dihantarkan?) ke kulit. So, the supply of collagen to skin is not enough.

He added, orang perempuan memang senang berat / lemak bertambah. Tapi kalau consistent, senaman yoga pun dah cukup untuk buang lemak. Kalau jalan kaki, lemak tu akan terbakar kat bahagian paha sahaja. Kalau lari In Shaa Allah lah boleh bakar lemak di bahagian punggung jugak. 

Lepas penerangan tersebut, baru lah eden tau berat eden yang naik tu sebenarnya LEMAKKK! Tak sangka kan..baru nak happy berat naik. So, apa lagi, ber-yoga lah kat bilik lepas ni! ;)

* Kalau tak nak diet or exercise, banyak je product menghilangkan stretch mark di pasaran. Tapi kalau kulit cantik tapi tak sihat tak guna jugak kan. =)

Oh my Exam!

26 May 2013..

Advanced database checked.
Technopreneurship checked! 

Two down and one more paper to go, which is Quality Management on 5th June 2013. 10 hari gap ni tak tahu lah nak merempat kat mana. Rumah cousin kot. 1st or 2nd June nak berdating dengan BFF I..haha! What I can say about my studies for this semester is, I am not performing well. Maybe because I got a lot of free time, so I tend to be so so lazy. Golek-golek atas katil je kerja. Paling kecewa dengan Advanced database la. I did really bad. For the first time in my life I feel damn stupid, like knows nothing. Tapi dah lepas pun. What passed is past. Maybe sebab kurang minat. Techno, ok lar. Puas hati. So, must work three times harder for the coming exam! 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Graduation dinner, shine like a princess

Alhamdulillah, berakhir sudah informal graduation dinner untuk KICT students yang bakal graduate sem depan. Ktorg buat dinner ni kat Ogy d'Greenwood Restaurant. What I can say is, the menu is not bad. The content or tentative is good and entertaining. Everybody enjoy it. And the most important thing is the value of time we spent together, especially with besties. It might be difficult for us to gather and eating like this after this. So, I do appreciate each and every moment we have. Now, enjoy the pictures! =)

My two gorgeous best friends in UIA, Shikin and Ain. Ain (right) is my room mate since we studied in CFS ok. So, she knows me inside out. Haha.   

Ni Shikin. Since we are orang utagha, we easily getting closer. Cayangg dia lebih! Muahx!

 With Tira. Comel kan dia..

 Peace yaww!

 Ok. Ini acara tiup belon dan saya tak tiup pon.

 Diorang ni satu geng. Saje menyebok..kihkih

 Nasyeed style..ayu gettew..

 Semua yang hadir..

 My Bachelor of IT friends..

 Yang tengah-tengah tu Farha atau nama manjanya Pa'a. Beliau sangat kelakar dan gila-gila. Will miss her too!

 Ni lah orang penting yang bertungkus-lumus menjayakan dinner ni.. thanks korang.. =)

To be frank, sebelum ni memang nak sangat cepat graduate. Nak cepat-cepat kerja, nak cepat-cepat kahwin.. =P and after four years, I don't even noticed that it's time for me to leave UIA. Memang sayang sangat kat UIA ni sebab suasana kat sini membuatkan saya dekat dengan Allah. I learn how to survive and communicate with people. I met many good people and friends here. Subhanallah. I will miss this place very much. =(

Monday, May 13, 2013

Last week before final exam

Don't know why I seems so relax compared to others. Haha. Final year pun boleh honeymoon lagi kan.  Honeymoon plus lazybones. On this critical time, it is a must to write down my planning or schedule so everything can be finished on time and well organized.

Wednesday | 2PM : Company interview (QM)
Thursday | 12-2PM : FYP presentation. 3.30PM : Advance Database Project presentation.
Friday | 3-5PM : QM project presentation.

The presentation means it is a due date for the project as well. This week might be hectic but Nurawatif Mohd Fauzi always loves challenges! Will try my best to finish all the assessments! Then I'll be free..Yay!! XD And the most exciting thing is I'm invited for Sisters Farewell Dinner as a PRINCESS! Walaupun tak rapat sangat dengan mereka yang hadir, why not to join them kan. Kalau bukan sekarang, bila lagi. May this dinner creates another sweet history in my life.. =)

The cute invitation card!

Princess Awatif =p
Always positive and smiling no matter what! In Shaa Allah

To miss *******

I hate you...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Birthday my VVIP!

13th May is so special because it is the date where the special creature in my life was born.
Guess who is the Very Very Important Person (VVIP)?

Si Dia?

Nah..lambat lagi.. 
My mom? Nope..Si Dia and my mom shared the same month of birth.. love!

Ok..tired guessing..
The person is : My Dad!
Mohd Fauzi Bin Osman

Happy Birthday My Precious! Gollum in cute style.. *can't imagine

To ayah :
I might rarely show that I love you, but I do..
You know, we are not really close since I was child until now..
But I noticed something..
You always buy Char Kuew Teow and Kuih for me.. *he knows my Char Kuew Teow madness
And you try to give me a pocket money even though you don't have it..
You do not mad at me when you almost had an accident while rushing to send me to bus terminal. 
You are not angry when Si Dia told you he wants to marry me. Hehe
Now I know, you love me but the way you express it is unique.
Allah, guide him and his family to Jannah.
Please give him a good health and long life..


A daughter.

Thank you love..

Who knows our 'Cinta Hijab' is everlasting until now.. 13/5/13 : 12.21pm. 
Syukran Allah..Alhamdulillah..
During these 4 years, we faced all obstacles, 
shared laughs and tears together..
He is the one who inspired and advised me when I am fragile..
He is the one who reminds me when I forget and did not see the Hikmah that Allah will grants me..
Indeed, I love you because of Allah..
May Allah bless and bring us to Jannah..

Friday, May 10, 2013

Letter to her..

I have been waiting for a long time to say that I love you,
We used to be a best friend,
We shared a laugh and tears together,
You used to advise me a lot about religion,
We shopping and joining programs together.

But now, everything seems so odd and awkward,
Seems like nothing to share and you already have better friends.

I admit, I try to create a space between us,
So you are not bored looking at me every day,
So you can be friends with others,
I admit, I have hurt you a lot,
Scolding you and always break my promise,
But I think I have said I am sorry.

I tried to act normal,
But I do not understand why it is not working,
Maybe you forgave, but never forgot,
I don’t know.

Someone told me,
Maybe you not ready to be what I want you to be,
Maybe you are not ready to attend my wedding how far I am as besties did
Just let you be as long as you happy,
I think the person is right.

So, I just want to tell you,
Even though I am not the important person to you anymore,
I will not erase you from my best friend list (even I know we are not anymore),
I don’t mind if you forget me because I know you are not happy with me and
I am not good enough for you,
I am always happy for you from far.

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